Book Reviews

I promised some honest reviews on books I have been reading (because I am a big nerd and read books more than I cook or clean.  That’s ok, right?)  So I wanted to start with my absolute favorite read so far this year.  I find myself referring to this book on a weekly basis and in my opinion, that’s how you know the author did his job.  It’s a book that deeply hit home for me on so many levels and inspired me to be more intentional in my family and my home.  So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Book:   The Most Important Place on Earth: What a Christian Home Looks Like and How to Build One.

Author: Robert Wolgemuth

Busy Mama’s Rating

Clink on the link below to order your copy! It’s less than $10 on Amazon.)  If you read it, please let me know your favorite take-aways!  



What I love about this book: 

  • The author is funny and real; he doesn’t get to “preachy” and make the reader feel more inadequate that she might already feel.
  • While he is real, he lets the reader know practical ways to implement Godly change in your home that will reap Heavenly rewards.
  • this one is a big win for me: it’s an easy read that transitions well from topic to topic.  (I absolutely hate reading a book that jumps all over the place and around the mulberry bush just to fluff up the chapters.)

My Favorite Take-Aways <3:

  • The ABC’s of scripture for your children to memorize!  After reading the book, we made a game out of it and each day we would repeat a scripture.  They were able to memorize A-E really quickly so that was a big WIN!
  • New family traditions like the Prayer Road (you’ll have to read the book to find out what this is!!)
  • Family discussions for dinnertime.  The author tells of a game he used to play with his family called, “My Favorite No”.  It is a practical game (that our spoiled rotten kids actually liked) that teaches children about denying the flesh.  Each night at dinner, the family shares one thing that happened to them during the day that they really wanted to do but said ‘no’ to instead.  My kids often used saying ‘no’ to snacks at school that weren’t healthy but they really wanted.  It gets them used to sacrificing the flesh even when they don’t want to!  
  • Family ‘vitamins’.  
  1. Vitamin 1: “I love you.”
  2. Vitamin 2: “I need your love.”
  3. Vitamin 3:  “I’m sorry; I was wrong.  Will you please forgive me?”
  4. Vitamin 4: “May I help?”
  5. Vitamin 5: “Thank you.